Our Road To Success

HYDROMINE™ Projects cc, a South African based company was established in 1994 and forms part of the economy as a manufacturer of exclusive hi-tech equipment for water reticulation systems and fluid control applications in the mining and other industries. 

In 2013 we became a Group of Companies with the establishment of HYDROMINE™ Projects and Marketing (Pty) Ltd a local South African company that is a level 4 BBBEE Contributor and that supplies part of the South African Mining industry. 

HYDROMINE™ Projects International, a Mauritius based company was established in 2016 to supply markets outside South Africa. With over 20 years of experience, expertise and vast knowledge base in valve innovation and technology, as well ongoing research and development over the years, the group went into development of its own range of valve products. This resulted in a superior range of valve product offerings that are world class. 

HYDROMINE™ Projects International is now the global manufacturer and supplying company of the HYDROMINE™ LFC Range of safety, isolation, and control valves, as well as the HYDROMINE™ HMP Range of Hydraulic, tapered pipe couplings, high pressure piping and related equipment. We are always coming up with new, innovative designs, products and methods of manufacturing. 

In 2018 the Group establishment of HYDROMINE™ Products (Pty) Ltd (a proprietary limited company) to replace HYDROMINE™ Projects cc (a closed corporation). Around December 2020 HYDROMINE™ Products (Pty) Ltd entered into an agreement with HYDROMINE™ Projects International, to become a licenced manufacturer of its products. 

HYDROMINE™ Products further manufactures and fabricates steel piping products, as well as the repairs and service for a vast variety of makes of valves. From the end of 2020, HYDROMINE™ Products (Pty) Ltd started investing heavily in purchasing more plant, machinery, and equipment. The staff complement was increased, the staff was upskilled, and a night shift machining crew was added. This was all done to increase the production capacity. The company has the ability to do Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling, Finite Element Assessment (FEA) and is doing regular research and development on new products and product improvement.  

HYDROMINE™ Projects and Marketing (Pty) Ltd is an approved vendor to major mining entities, project houses and consulting companies, such as:

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Hydromine™ Products is a certified member of The South African Capital Equipment Export Council

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Membership Certificate - SA Capital Equipment Export Council 


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