HYDROMINE™ HMP_8 Range of Expansion Joints

HYDROMINE HMP 8 Range Of Expansion JointsOVERVIEW

The HYDROMINE™ HMP_8 Expansion joint is a custom designed piece of equipment that is designed to allow for contraction and expansion in vertical, inclined and horizontal installed piping.

There are two types of HYDROMINE™ HMP_8 Expansion joints, the first with jacking bolt arrangement. The jacking bolt arrangement simplifies installation and prevents the expansion joint from pulling apart. The second type has no jacking bolt arrangement. Should this type of expansion joint be used, extra care needs to be taken in the design of the piping system to prevent to expansion joint from pulling apart. The HYDROMINE™ HMP_8 Expansion joint, without jacking bolts, is equipped with a safety bracket. This safety bracket ensures that the joint remains intact during pre-installation, handling, and installation processes. However, it is important to note that once the joint is successfully installed, the safety bracket needs to be removed.

The HYDROMINE™ HMP_8 Expansion joint can be produced in a double acting expansion joint with an anchor point in the middle.


HYDROMINE HMP 8 Range Of Expansion Joints Materials


The HYDROMINE™ HMP™_8 Expansion Joint Range has been designed in accordance with various international standards as set out below:

ASME Boilers and pressure vessels design code

ANSI B16.34
ANSI B16.37
ANSI B31.3

Available sizes: DN50 / 2" to DN500 / 16"
Pressure rating: up to 25MPa / 3 626 psi

Available end connections: ANSI B16.5, BS4504, BS10, AS/NZS 4331.1 (ISO 7005-1) DIN, All makes of grooved or ring joint couplings, HYDROMINE™ HMP U-Coupling, HYDROMINE™ HMP™TE tapered couplings and other as per clients requirement.


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