The year 2023 has been an incredibly prosperous year for our esteemed group, with remarkable growth and accomplishments. We are thrilled to announce that we have secured multiple multi-million-dollar contracts from esteemed clients in South Africa, the DRC, and Australia. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our clients for entrusting us with their business. As we embark on 2024, we are proud to say that our order book is in a very health state, as is our debtor’ book.

During this remarkable year, we introduced several exciting new products to the market. The exponential growth in our order book has led to the creation of numerous employment opportunities within the HYDROMINE™ group. We have established agency agreements with Fantique and Tesca Technologies, and we are currently in negotiations with Unified Alloys in Canada for another agency agreement.

In response to the power crisis in South Africa, we have taken proactive measures to upgrade our infrastructure. HYDROMINE™ Products has replaced its 50kva generator with a more robust 150kva generator. This upgrade ensures uninterrupted operation of our entire factory during power cuts. Additionally, we are exploring the possibility of upgrading our solar system and installing batteries to reduce our reliance on the grid and further enhance our eco-friendly practices. We have also purchased a new CNC lathe to upgrade our CNC machining department, and a vertical boring mill with a 1.1m swing to bring valve bodies machining in-house. Furthermore, we have ordered another CNC lathe with a 700mm swing, set to arrive in February. All these investments aim to expand our production capacity.

50kva Generator

Water harvesting project

We have successfully implemented a cutting-edge water harvesting initiative at our factory. By strategically installing tanks to capture rainwater from our roof, we have revolutionized our water management system. This ingenious solution allows us to optimize the usage of this precious resource for various purposes, such as maintaining our lush garden through an efficient sprinkler system and ensuring clean and hygienic toilets. As a result, we have not only witnessed a significant reduction in our water bill but have also taken a substantial step towards preserving the environment. It is essential for us, as responsible individuals and businesses, to actively contribute to minimising our carbon footprint. By embracing sustainable practices like this, we are demonstrating our commitment to the planet and safeguarding the well-being of future generations.

Our Team

Creating new employment opportunities has always been a priority for us, as we believe our people are our greatest assets. Our CEO, Mr. Henry de Lange, recognises that he cannot single-handedly drive business growth. He values the contributions of his exceptional team, who have played a pivotal role in taking our group to new heights.

At the beginning of 2023, we welcomed Johan Visser as our production manager. Since joining us, Johan has made a remarkable impact on our factory operations and production. He possesses a remarkable ability to motivate his team, which has greatly contributed to our successes throughout 2023.

We have also created several other positions during the year. The internal sales and procurement roles have been split into two distinct positions. Jasmine Blignaut' promotion to procurement officer has made a significant positive impact in that area. Furthermore, Rentia van Zyl's recruitment in February as the internal sales representative has greatly improved our customer service.

Shannon O'Friel has been promoted to work in the drawing office, reporting to Riaan Visser. Together, they have efficiently managed the drawing office. In fact, we have created an additional draughtsman position, which will be filled in January 2024.

In our factory, we have introduced various new roles, all of which have contributed to the improvement of our production capacity.

During 2023, our CEO, Mr. Henry de Lange, undertook extensive international travel for business purposes. This necessitated the need for Sirish Singh, our general manager, to step up and assume leadership in Henry' absence. Sirish did an exceptional job, ensuring the smooth running of the company. Furthermore, in Henry' absence, Shané Nortje, our financial manager, and Marie Joubert, Shané' right-hand person, both rose to the occasion, taking on responsibilities they hadn't previously handled. They both excelled in their new roles.

Another individual who deserves immense recognition is Barry van Jaarsveld, our sales manager. Barry' perseverance and dedication has resulted in securing substantial orders and contracts from various local South African clients. His efforts have revitalised the local market, which was previously shrinking.

Identifying new growth opportunities has always been a priority for Henry. With a focus on expanding our global presence, he recently established a USA-based company in Texas, called HYDROMINE™ Valve Innovations LLC. This new venture will cater to the North American market and is set to commence trading in 2024.

Fantique has taken on the role of an agent for HYDROMINE™ Products

In the latter part of 2020, HYDROMINE™ Products initiated a business partnership with Fantique. It began on a modest scale, with only a handful of repairs being entrusted to us from the mines in the Klerksdorp region. However, as time went on, the business experienced remarkable growth, expanding year after year.

By late 2022, HYDROMINE™ Product had commenced negotiations for an agency agreement, which was ultimately concluded at the end of February 2023.

Presently, Fantique proudly represents HYDROMINE™ Products in the Klerksdorp area, specifically at Harmony, Moab Khotsong Mine, and Heavensent, Koponong Mine.

Both Mr. Henry de Lange and Mr. JC Lotter possess unwavering confidence in the immense mutual benefits that this partnership will yield for both companies.

Tesca and HYDROMINE™ Projects International enter into an agency agreement for India

HYDROMINE™ Projects International and Tesca Technologies, an Indian-based company, have entered into an agency agreement during March 2023, where Tesca Technologies will represent HYDROMINE™ Projects International in India.

Tesca will be responsible for marketing all HYDROMINE™' products to the Indian market.

There was already one deal that was done in late 2022, where Tesca sold a large package of HYDRORMINE™ valves to Vedanta, Hindustan Zink.

Ashurtosh De Lange

On the left is Mr. Ashutosh Agarwal, CEO of Tesca Technologies. On the right is Mr. Henry de Lange, CEO of the HYDROMINE™ Group of Companies.

Both Mr. Ashutosh Agarwal and Mr. Henry de Lange are feeling very positive about this development and are confident that the relationship will be long and prosperous.

Unified Alloys

Additionally, we are currently in negotiations for an agency agreement with Unified Alloys, targeting the Canadian market. Henry personally travelled to Vancouver in July to present our company and products to the decision-makers at Unified Alloys. Through collaborative efforts, we have already secured our first purchase order with one of Unified Alloys' clients.

In conclusion, the year 2023 has been a remarkable one for the HYDROMINE™ group, with outstanding growth, new opportunities, and the unwavering dedication of our exceptional team. We look forward to continued success and growth in the coming years.

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