During 2022 we sold a batch of HYDROMINE™ LFC_1B pilot operated surge relief valves to a large copper mine in the DRC. We had great success with this valve in clean water applications.

However, once they were commissioned at the mine, endless problems and failures began occurring due to a large amount of mud present in the system. This mud was being agitated with compressed air found within catchment dams and then pumped out from depths over 250m below ground level. Despite these difficult conditions, our valves proved highly effective and successfully prevented damage to pipelines when pumps stopped or tripped.

Broken Valve

Following these failures, we proposed changing the existing valves into nitrogen charged surge relief valves. This proven design is highly effective and only requires minimal valve part changes. Unfortunately, the mine rejected this idea due to safety concerns about transporting large Nitrogen cylinders underground. 

It would have been simple to convert these valves to spring actuated valves. However, we decided against this option because the precision of the spring is insufficient for this application. 

After researching and developing a solution, we developed an idea to use a combination of oil and a small pre-charged nitrogen accumulator that could be easily sourced from hydraulic component suppliers. We used a portable hand pump to inject the oil into the valves and presented our idea to the client, who was thrilled by it. They asked us to create one valve for testing purposes and when they saw it in action at our factory, they were more than impressed. Subsequently, we modified two existing valves at their site which has been working flawlessly since then. With this success, we plan on modifying all remaining valves soon.

LFC 1B Oil Hydraulic Nitrogen Accumulator Acting Surge Relief Valve


The HYDROMINE™ LFC_1B Oil Hydraulic / Nitrogen accumulator acting Surge Relief Valve is a revolutionary development that offers many benefits for customers in a variety of applications. It has been especially successful in reducing pipeline damage due to surges in clean and dirty water, as well as viscous process media. The valve features an oil compartment that is completely separated from the water, making it exceptionally fast-acting and extremely accurate while offering adjustable closing speed and positive shut-off capabilities. Additionally, there is no nitrogen gas consumption. The pre-charged hydraulic accumulator can be easily replaced without having to transport cylinders or charging kits underground or into remote locations. All parts in contact with water/process are stainless steel, providing extra durability at no additional cost. With its reliable performance even under difficult conditions. 

The video shows how the HYDROMINE™ LFC_1B Surge Relief Valve is performing.


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