LFC Valve

Early 2021 HMT Projects (Pty) Ltd (HMT) contacted HYDROMINE™ Products (Pty) Ltd, to supply it with 250 bar rated pressure regulating valves and isolation valves for Northam Platinum Mine, Zondereinde. HYDROMINE™ Products then supplied HMT with 39 x DN100 x 80, PN250 LFC_1B Pressure regulating valves and 6 x DN100, PN250 LFC_1B Manual isolation valves.

Once Northam Platinum Mine commissioned the valves, the report that we received back was that they are extremely impressed with the performance of the valves. 

HMT then arranged a meeting between HMT’s CEO, Mr John Wright and Hydromine Products’ CEO Mr Henry de Lange. The meeting took place the 26th of April 2021 at HMT’ Wadeville offices. The parties then agreed that HMT will start distributing it’s LFC and HMP ranges of products at Northam Platinum Mine Zondereinde, Evander Gold Mines and Sibanye Stillwater Kloof no 4 shaft. The parties further agreed that HMT will stop manufacturing its range of valves and only supply its clients the Hydromine’ ranges of valves. 

Mr John Wright and Mr Henry de Lange have known each other many years and used to be business partners years ago. They are both confident that coming back together and forging a new business relationship between the parties will be very beneficial for both companies. They are both looking forward working together again.

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